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"Respect is our currency of choice."

We empower people to know more and do better… because behind every currency exchange, query, or transaction is a person trying to accomplish something important.

Our Team


  • Beric Farmer
    CEO & President
  • Cecilia Tamez
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jason Judge
    Chief Technology Officer


  • Mina Nesiem
    Software Development
  • Susan Moreland
    Finance & HR
  • Magued Hanna
  • Leanne Christopher
    Product Management
  • JL Verboomen
    Data Science
  • Lee Sperry
    Strategic Partnerships

A Proud Part of Euronet

We are proudly part of the Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ: EEFT) family, which includes Ria and HiFX, who are recognized as formidable leaders in currency exchange. Together, we form the third largest money transfer business in the world. We strive to offer the most simple, reliable, and friendly money transfer service.


Our History

Our Culture

Our culture reflects our philosophy of respect, simplify, and solve. Our success is a result of our talented and dedicated team who live and exemplify our philosophy. Our team expects great things of each other, treat each other well, and are committed to creating the best foreign exchange solutions for the world. Our 40-hour work week with flex time and health benefits, plus an on-site gym and games room, supports XE employees with a relaxed but motivated atmosphere.

Looking to work with the people that make XE such an amazing place to work? View our open positions at the career page.

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Giving Back

Being responsible means engaging with our community. XE strives to make a positive impact in both our local and global communities and so, we support six principal charities every year. Here are some, but not all, of the organizations we sponsor. Additionally, every XE team member gets to pick a charity to which we donate $1000 annually.

Bullfrog Power Matoto Inn From The Cold

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